Overseer Dr.Carlton Newkirk

New Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church History

On Sunday January 27, 2002, a group of 12 determined Christians assembled together for the first time at the Donaldson Center Marine Reserve Building. Lead by our Pastor Reverend Carlton T. Newkirk and the vision that he had for a new and different ministry, The New Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church was born. We used the word born because when something is born it’s fresh and new, with new visions and new ideas and that’s what this ministry is all about. After conducting service in the Mauldin Library as well as the Marine Reserve Center, Pastor Newkirk and the New Nazareth Church family moved 6 months later in June 2002 to 1406 Laurens Road, Greenville, SC to a building that held 80 people. In January 2004,God lead us to 2499 East North Street to a church building that held 260 people and in February 2005; God blessed us to purchase the location here at 827 Old Airport Road Greenville, SC with the capacity of 350 people.